Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hey everyone!
So my second week at Global has been really good! We have been learning about food, diet and maintaining over all good health. We are also looking at history and how the bible ties into it. What was happening in the world while certain things in the Bible were taking place. I've really been enjoying that!
We are also in an ongoing study of how everything in the bible is connected. How the Old Testament ties in with the New, and how God is seeking to bring glory to His name and how He uses us in that purpose.
Everyone up on the mountain is getting along well too! My church here is Spring Place Baptist. It has been very fun getting to know the people there and they have been very welcoming.
I can't wait to start getting really involved and start putting into practice what I'm learning, so I can grow that way and see the impact of the Lord!
Again I'd like to thank everyone for there support in prayer and financially. This wouldn't be possible without you guys!
If there is anything you guys need me to be remembering in my prayers feel free to let me know!
Thank you!



  1. Hey Bub,
    Think of you often, praying too. Miss you, but still so excited for you. Good to hear what you're up to/being taught. What a blessing to know where you are, those whose hands you're in! Tell Miss Kathy and Roger I said "hey" if they remember who I am...if not, "hey" anyway.
    lov. d.

  2. Bub, Peace be unto you my brother! You are in my thoughts and prayers,hope all is well. will be keeping in touch. Dee

  3. It's exciting to hear what you are learning there. I would love to learn those things too. I have forgotten a lot that I have studied in my younger years and I would love to have a refresher course. I love studying the bible too, maybe when you get here, you can share the treasure you've found to us! Love you and are praying for you! May God comfort you when you are missing home and family and May God bless you more and more so that in due time, you can further His kingdom with everything you got, not that you aren't doing that yet, I believe that God is already using you in so many ways! You take care and God bless you!