Monday, September 27, 2010

Busy But Good!

Hey guys!
    Well its been a very, very busy two weeks here at Global. That"s why i didn't update ya last Sunday. However, now things are slowing back down and getting back into the usual groove.
Last week we had 200 kids come in for work projects and we had a group of about 20 ladies join us too for a few days. It was very busy, confusing, exhausting and awesome!
I got to supervise a bunch of kids who worked on a job I would've had to do with two other guys and taken a few weeks, instead two teams of about 30 knocked it out in two days!!
Also, ever since I got down here I've been having really bad sinus trouble, and it got to the point to where i could not breath! That's exciting! So I went to the doctor and found out I had a sinus infection, yummy! So I got a shot in each hip, and now I'm on Antibiotics. So now I feel great!
Due to the fact that everyone had a really intense weekend we got Monday off, classes and work! So that rocks, also my first paper is due tomorrow. Its a sermon we all had to write. So I'm looking forward to completing it and hopefully using it someday.
As many of you know, my sister is having her wedding Ceremony this weekend, so I'll be coming home!!
I am very excited about seeing everyone. I really miss you guys!
So thats about it! I love you, and thank you all for your prayers! Oh and also, if there are any needs up there that you guys would like me to keep in prayers just let me know on here or any other way. If its personal it'll stay that way, but I just wanna do whatever I can to repay all of you for your support and prayers!
Thank you!
 Brandon Whitaker

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hey everyone!
So my second week at Global has been really good! We have been learning about food, diet and maintaining over all good health. We are also looking at history and how the bible ties into it. What was happening in the world while certain things in the Bible were taking place. I've really been enjoying that!
We are also in an ongoing study of how everything in the bible is connected. How the Old Testament ties in with the New, and how God is seeking to bring glory to His name and how He uses us in that purpose.
Everyone up on the mountain is getting along well too! My church here is Spring Place Baptist. It has been very fun getting to know the people there and they have been very welcoming.
I can't wait to start getting really involved and start putting into practice what I'm learning, so I can grow that way and see the impact of the Lord!
Again I'd like to thank everyone for there support in prayer and financially. This wouldn't be possible without you guys!
If there is anything you guys need me to be remembering in my prayers feel free to let me know!
Thank you!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Classes, Challenges, Goals....

Hey everybody, Well its been one week at Global so far and i'm loving it, The classes are good and i have my job down so now its just time to get into it all!

I have 5 classes on Mondays and Tuesdays I have Contemporary Christian life and Practice (cclp), and Youth on a Mission (yom). In cclp we will be learning about what it looks like to live every area of your life like a Christian. Going in depth on topics like vacation, time and resource management, Marriage and relationships, conflict resolution, evangelism, church involvement, Christian world view, devotional life and physical wellness. In (yom) we will be seeking the special and unique calling God has placed in all our lives, and how it applies in different settings in our lives, and how we can use it to spread Gods love with everyone in our lives.
On Wednesday I have Global Perspectives. In this class we will develop biblically based strategies for becoming involved to accomplish his plan, and see how pressures from all other areas of our life impact our witness.
On Thursdays, we have Student Leadership. We will be learning about Biblical models of leadership and theological basis of leadership and developing our character and discipline.
Second class on Thursday is Life Leadership/ Youth Ministry/ Mission Mentors. Our teacher for this class is Steve Dusek, a local youth pastor in Ellijay. He will be teaching us about all the ins and outs of everyday DOING. So after we are done with school its not all just head knowledge, we will have practice in putting our hearts and mind to actions to help spread God's love and word.

Well that's what school will look like for me this semester.
I again want to thank everyone who helped make it possible for me to come to Global! Also for all the prayers.

God has a unique plan for all of us as Christians. No matter how shy, outgoing, quirky, funny, intelligent or any other thing you might be. I would like to encourage everyone out there to look into your circumstances and instead of seeing them in the worlds view, look at it through God's eyes.

Makes a difference, spread His love. That is my first challenge and goal.
So grow with me!

I love you all!!