Monday, August 30, 2010

The Beginning

I hope to keep everybody updated on what's happening here at Global
and let you know how things are going.

Thanks for all the prayer and support.


  1. Hey Bub, glad to hear from you and glad you made it there safely. First thing, it looks beautiful there, love the profile pic! Anyways, we are praying for you dilligently. Always remember, to stand strong in the faith, the devil is always out there is disguise!!! I truly believe this is God's will and I am SO GLAD you are walking thru it! Love ya and take care!!! Our family is always here for you! - from MUDPUP

    "Seek ye first the KINGDOM OF GOD, and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, and ALL THESE THINGS shall be ADDED unto YOU" --- Matthew 6:33

  2. hey little brother... I'm so so proud of you but I can't wait until your first trip back home bc I miss having you around all the time to pick on.
    Keep us all updated, I want to see lots of pictures. Love ya, Boo

  3. Hey Bub,
    We are so proud of you. I know its tough being away from home and being away from family. God will bless you in so many ways for what you are accomplishing for him. Love you and praying for you. Love ya Judy

  4. Hi Bub,

    I miss you already! The first thing you will notice ... you miss your mom! Mom's do so many things that you take for granted until she is not there - ha ha. Make the most of this great opportunity you have. God has big things in store for you - I know it. Feel free to write me anytime!

    Love you more,
    Tammi -

  5. Jason & Nora GrossnickleSeptember 4, 2010 at 7:54 PM

    Wow! The scenery looks so differnt without all that snow on it! We are so excited for you to be going through this amazing journey! We know that God has some amazing things in store for you and we look forward to hearing all about them! We love you and are looking forward to joining you up on the mountain in January! We are praying for you daily!

  6. Hey bubbly....
    we miss you much...especially in Sunday School and on Wednesday..of course. I'll ask you to pray for our Youth that those who need to be stepping up..will do so.
    lov and prayer,